About Us

Originally aimed solely at the industrial processing of lemons, the company was soon organized for the squeezing  of Blood Oranges, Blond Oranges, Mandarins, Clementines, Grapefruit and Bitter oranges in order to create a greater offer for its market and fully intensify its own production capacities.

With the application of new technologies, the company was able to easily begin working in the creation  of a more complete range of Italian fruits, offering different opportunities for the preparation of finished products suitable for a wide range of clients and end users.

While constantly keeping in mind our goal of the achievement of excellence through continuous technological improvement, Citrofood today is a trusted partner for important clients that are leaders in various industries, including juices, nectars, beverages, soft drinks, breakfast products, condiments, bases for ice cream and pastries, flavorings, cosmetics, fragrances and pharmaceutical products.

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Company Strenghts

Raw Materials

Sicily is renowned throughout the world for the production of citrus fruits.  Thanks to the climatic conditions and the geographical position of the island, these fruits develop unique organoleptic characteristics.

Blood oranges and Sicilian lemons are at the top in world production, not for volume but for their unique characteristics. 

Mandarins and Clementines are particularly popular, in addition to the great variety available for each fruit.

For the supply of raw materials, Citrofood relies on carefully selected producers able to reach high quality standards.