Sustainable Specialties

For years now, the Company has been manufacturing sustainable items  by using roughly 85% of the fruit product, and at the same time, residues are used for the production of pet food or provided to biomass energy treatment companies.

Working on a constant awareness campaign with fruit suppliers on sustainable agriculture and the fundamental GLOBAL GAP and  GRASP certificates achievement, the Company has now reached a significant  number of certified suppliers.


Citrofood strongly believes in a sustainable cycle

Protection of the Environment and Ecosystem

Respect for Human and Workplace Rights

Animal Health and Welfare

Virtuous Community Building

We have adopted a beehive that finds its place right in a lemon grove, a plant that deserves all our gratitude.

For years, attention to biodiversity has been an integral part of our company policy, and this choice is meant to be another small gesture in the immediate and for the future.

Green Energy

By our solar panel of 1000 kw, the emission of Co2 is reduced by 6200 kg/ year.

This renewable green energy is now covering 25-40% of our power  needs, but this is just a stepping stone.

We also have an ongoing project to work together with a company specialized in polymer production and recyclable plastics.